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Luxury travel to Mongolia

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Mongolia is a land of vast horizons of steppe and desert bordered by remote, pristine mountain ranges. Famous for its untamed landscapes, Mongolia is a dream for the outdoor adventurer and a warm, welcoming destination for all travelers. The land of Chinggis and Kublai Khan, the Mongolian Empire once extended east to Korea, south to Vietnam and west to Hungary and its warriors were feared and ruthless conquerors. Rarely accessible to the outside world until recently, travelers are discovering the natural gifts of this amazing country; wide open vistas, unparalleled star gazing, horseback riding, fossil hunting, and overnights in traditional round yurts or gers in a land of rosy-cheeked smiles! An oasis of unspoiled beauty between China and Russia, Mongolia has one of the sparsest population densities in the world and a culture dominated by Tibetan Buddhism, shamanism, and nomadic culture. Even Marco Polo was at a loss for words to describe all he'd seen there.
All visits to Mongolia start in the capital city of Ulaan Baatar, set in the valley of the Tuul River. It is home to a third of the nation's population and tradition thrives among blocks of Soviet-era architecture and suburbs of gers. Tuts –small independently owned street kiosks line the streets, milk is sold out of old-fashioned farm cans and devotees spin Buddhist prayer wheels in the temples. Experience Mongolia like the Khans on this luxury tour to the land of endless sky.

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