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Treasures of Armenia

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Armenia is an ancient and beautiful country, modernizing and blossoming after years of Soviet rule. Incredible landscapes, a rich history and modern amenities combine to make Armenia an unforgettable travel experience. Bustling, lively cities give way to rolling hills, flowing rivers, tall mountains and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the mountain meadows of Tsakhkadzor to the historic churches of Echmiadzin and the urban pulse of Yerevan, Armenia offers something for everyone!

A journey through Armenia begins in the nation’s capital of Yerevan. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, the skyline is dominated by legendary Mount Ararat.  The Hrazdan Rver flows through the city, giving it a variety of elevations and neighborhoods, and even a cable car to a panoramic viewpoint.

In Yerevan we offer a walking tour between museums and art galleries around spectacular Victory Park. Then we explore the open air Vernisaj bazaar stocked with traditional carpets and crafts. The Cascade Complex is a must-see of staircases connecting the downtown to residential districts. There are escalators to whisk you up and down the fountains and sculptures. Stop in one of the many cafes to sample the most delicious apricots, berries and pomegranates or take in a jazz concert in the warmer seasons. Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest in the South Caucasus. Our hand-picked local guides will take you to traditional restaurants to enjoy authentic Armenian kufta, or dolma and of course lavash, the pliable flatbread cooked on the walls of a wood-fired clay oven.

Fabulous historic sites are never far away from the capital city. We'll tour the Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the first Christian cathedral in the world. Then on to explore the many majestic architectural treasures in Armenia. Visit Zvatrnos Cathedral, Geghard Monastery, Garni, and the 5th c. Khor Virap Monastery. Khor Virap offers visitors stunning views of Yerevan and Mount Ararat.

Armenians are warm and hospitable and visitors are honored guests. Near Garni you will be invited by a local family to participate in the preparation of lavash and learn to cook traditional Armenian-style kebab with lamb and vegetables. Throughout the trip you'll sample creamy homemade Armenian yogurt and cheeses; they're delicious!

Continuing along the old Silk Road routes takes us to the charming city of Dilijan, stopping by beautiful Lake Sevan for a local fish lunch. The largest and one of the most beautiful lakes in Caucasus, its colors change from azure to turquoise to navy blue. Many locals call this lake the “Armenian Sea.”

Dilijan is famous for UNESCO World Heritage sites - its ancient monasteries Haghartsin and Goshavank date from the 11- 13th centuries. Dilijan is charming and picturesque - “Armenia’s Switzerland”. Visit the workshops of local artisans and take the opportunity to make you own wooden jewelry, pencil box or porcelain ornaments.

Hike the foothills of Mount Ararat, a magnificent, symbolic landmark of this beautiful country. It's an excellent place to taste Armenia's famous khash soup. Your local guide knows the best locations to experience the beauty of Yerevan and the surrounding regions. At your farewell dinner, there will be a performance by a special folklore group. Join them to dance and learn to say see you again soon in Armenia!


Treasures of The Caucasus

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Nestled against the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are emerging as must-go destinations, long standing bridges between Europe and Asia.  Fabulous cuisine, rugged mountain peaks, lush valleys, studding seaside locations, old town medieval streets and glass skyscrapers inspire travelers in this enchanting mix of cultures and traditions. Home to UNESCO World Heritage sites and legends of history and religion, explore this cornerstone of early civilization on your journey to a region spanning continents, culture and history – travel to the Caucasus!

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