Tours for Special Occasions

Celebrate the special occasions in your life with a special occasion tour to legendary destinations along the Silk Road.
At Silk Road Treasure Tours we expertly arrange extraordinary travel experiences for those seeking the perfect romantic honeymoon, the most memorable wedding anniversary or the best adventurous family reunion that always will be remembered as the most fun ever!
To celebrate a college graduation, a career advancement or a 50th birthday, we will tailor a unique itinerary to ensure that your special occasion tour suits your style, interests and budget. We are inspired by you and your desires to celebrate life's significant milestones with outstanding travel experiences.
Make the stuff of legends in Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Turkmenistan or China part of your family history. We are special occasion travel experts and are inspired to tailor tours exclusively for you. We want you to get the most out of your travel and bring back memories you will treasure forever.
Consider a leisurely wedding anniversary tour exploring the wonders of legendary UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fabulous cultural treasures and gorgeous scenery. In Uzbekistan, for instance, prior to the special dinner we arrange at a historical site, the anniversary couple dresses for their event in traditional Uzbeki finery, the gold embroidered chapan (coat) and bridal hat, a gift of Silk Road Treasure Tours. (What a beautiful photo opportunity!) Also according to tradition, unexpected guests always are welcome to the celebration. So other travelers and Silk Road Treasure Tours staff are invited to walk to the ancient medreseh for dinner and to enjoy the haunting music of the dombra and tanbur, and the outstanding musicians and dancers.
Celebrate your life's milestones in a very different part of the world! Ride a camel in the Kizilkum Desert, ride a horse near the Tiyanshan mountains or stay in a yurt. Visit nomadic families, share a meal, shop in the bazaars and watch craftsmen at work. The fabled cities of the Silk Road – Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Karakul – come alive as you enjoy thousands of years of history, tradition and the warm hospitality of Central Asia people.
Our special occasion tours include those for groups. We recently arranged small group tours for graduates of Columbia, New York University, The College of New Jersey and many other universities across the USA.
Women who have been life-long friends enjoy our luxurious "girlfriends getaway" group, special occasion tours too.
Important benefits of working with Silk Road Treasure Tours for your special occasion include:

  • Special occasion travel experts
  • Destination knowledge
  • Personal service at your disposal 24/7 before, during and after your trip
  • Great value: Due to our strong personal relationships at our destinations, we provide the best service and the most value for your travel investment
  • Exclusive visits to the fabulous collections of the carpet, embroidery and jewelry museums in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
  • Premium seating for traditional music and dance performances
  • Access to exclusive events and dinners at private estates and centuries old medresehs

Let us know what occasion you are celebrating. We will discuss your wishes with you and help you find perfect destination for your special occasion tour.