Anna Berssenbrugge and Robert Ten Eyck, Madison, Wisconsin, USA - May, 2024

Anna Berssenbrugge and Robert Ten Eyck, Madison, Wisconsin, USA - May, 2024

Dear Zulya Rajabova and Silk Road Treasure Tours Team,

A week has passed since our delightful visit to Uzbekistan, and though we've taken some time to adjust from jet lag, the vibrant memories of our journey remain fresh. Here's our heartfelt appreciation for a meticulously organized trip that allowed us to experience the best of Uzbekistan—its profound Silk Road heritage, awe-inspiring architecture, high-quality handicrafts, delectable cuisine, unique culture, and the warm hospitality of its people.

Pre-trip, your communication skills were top-notch, Zulya. You crafted a tailored itinerary that perfectly matched our expectations with just a few Zoom meetings—you truly are a professional! Although we might have condensed our time in Bukhara and the Fergana Valley slightly, every day was still incredibly fulfilling.

Your pre-departure Zoom session packed with travel tips and Q&A was invaluable in setting the stage for our adventure.

Flying directly from JFK to Tashkent on Uzbekistan Airways in business class was a luxurious and stress-free beginning to what would be a magical three-week tour.

On the tour, the behind-the-scenes coordination was impeccable—from excellent hotel accommodations to skilled drivers and well-planned activities. We particularly enjoyed our stay at the Madreseh in Khiva, where the minaret guided us back to our dreamlike accommodation within the walled city. The Lotte Palace in Tashkent also stood out for its prime location and fantastic service.

Our drivers, especially the couple from Tashkent, ensured we traveled comfortably and safely across the country. The tour guides were remarkable, adept at adjusting our itinerary daily to suit our preferences and energy levels, keeping us updated via WhatsApp.

We must highlight our guides, Abdulaziz and Ahrorbek, for their exceptional service and deep knowledge. Abdulaziz, a true ambassador for his country of Uzbekistan, offered engaging stories and took great care of us, enriching our experience significantly. Ahrorbek’s enthusiastic guidance in the Fergana Valley helped us explore local crafts like pottery and silk ikat weaving, enhancing our appreciation for Uzbek crafts.

This tour of Uzbekistan stands among our top five of the sixty countries we've visited, thanks to the personal touches, including a memorable visit to your Uzbek  families, which made us feel profoundly welcomed.

Thank you, Zulya Rajabova and the Silk Road team, for an unforgettable journey through Uzbekistan.

Warm regards, Anne and Rob

Anna Berssenbrugge and Robert Ten Eyck's experiential trip to Uzbekistan  

Madison, Wisconsin, USA, May, 2024