Mr. and Mrs. Ardavan Nozari,  March 2024

Mr. and Mrs. Ardavan Nozari, March 2024

Uzbekistan Navruz Festival Tour 

Thank you, Zulya Rajabova and her team, for a fantastic trip to Uzbekistan. Celebrating Navruz in Uzbekistan was absolutely delightful! The local hospitality was outstanding, and spending special moments with our tour operator and guide's family in Bukhara made our journey through various legendary cities in Uzbekistan truly memorable. A special mention goes to Zulya’s parents, whose liveliness and warmth made us feel incredibly welcomed. The highlight of our trip was dancing and sharing smiles with the locals and enjoying a heartwarming meal that brought everyone together. The children's infectious joy was a pleasure to witness! We also exchanged words in Tajik/Farsi, sharing many laughs. This trip not only filled our hearts with happiness but also deepened our understanding of the rich culture and traditions of Uzbekistan. Thank you for this wonderful travel experience and a festive Navruz!

Mr. and Mrs. Ardavan Nozari, New York, USA  March 2024