Mark and Cindy Stachiw,  February, 2020

Mark and Cindy Stachiw, February, 2020

We have traveled with Silk Road Treasure Tours on two trips. We first went with Silk Road Treasure Tours to the Five Stans and most recently to Southeast Asia - specifically Laos and Thailand. We have found these tours to be top notch and well above the competition.

First, the attention from the Company to your needs and concerns are outstanding. The company seeks your input (and allows you to meet your fellow travelers) before you embark on the trip and then after you return. This allows you to have all your questions and concerns addressed before the trip and allows Silk Road Treasure Tours to improve on any shortcomings quickly after. Also, Zulya and her team is available during the trip to ensure that any concerns are addressed immediately.

Second, the quality of the accommodations and guides is outstanding. In each instance, we felt that we were getting the right room (e.g., one that is the best of the class) -- rather than just a room (which you might get if you book yourself) and the guides followed the itinerary -- but adjusted dates and times to accommodate local needs (e.g., festivals, holidays, needs to the travelers). This is important as local issues could derail a trip. For example, when in Thailand, the original schedule suggested doing a strenuous climb in the afternoon -- which would have been more difficult given the heat. Instead, the local guide rearranged the scheduled so that the climb was done in the morning when it was cool.

Third, the pricing is competitive - and in some instances below the competition. While it may be cheaper in some instances to travel directly to a destination and hire local guides, we have found that Silk Road Treasure Tours provides a useful alternative and a better one in that the guides are better and the accommodations are better than what you can drive on your own.

We intend to use Silk Road Treasure Tours for future travel.

Mark and Cindy Stachiw, Texas USA  February 2020