Joan Namkoong, May-June, 2019

Joan Namkoong, May-June, 2019

Aloha  Zulya, 

I have returned from your wonderful home country and am so excited that I was able to travel there. Uzbekistan is quite an amazing place, rich with history, culture, crafts, delicious food and warm, hospitable people. I am so glad to have gone there to experience it.

Your company Silk Road Treasure Tours provided a wonderful time. Bek was simply an outstanding guide, one of the best I’ve experienced. He was very professional, knowledgeable and importantly, very personable, attentive and fun to be with. We thoroughly enjoyed being with him so thank you for having him be with us.

Thank you, too, for the warm hospitality you showed us in Tashkent and especially Bukhara, it was a time that we will long remember.

Many thanks, Zulya!

Central Asia: Uzbekistan Culinary Discovery Tour

May-June, 2019 Joan Namkoong, USA (Author of many cooking books)