Mr. and Mrs. Steve Solomon, May 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Solomon, May 2016

We have recently returned from a most extraordinary trip to Central Asia Stans.  Thanks to Zulya Rajabova and her team at Silk Road Treasure Tours  our trip was customized to meet more than our expectations. When one says that they want to be immersed in a culture when traveling, we certainly felt as if we were. We had read history books and guide books but they did not prepare us for the sights and experiences.

Every place in Central Asia we traveled the people were friendly, welcoming and curious.  They often asked questions regarding our daily life and were eager to learn how we live.  In Bukhara, Uzbekistan we were invited to home for a traditional Uzbek  lunch where we met an extended family and even danced with the grandchildren.  We had a fabulous time interacting and experienced Central Asia hospitality.  In Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan, we made the traditional fried dough and shared tea, fried dough and home made jam with the nomadic Kyrgyz family.  Each day was  different than the day before during our travel in Central Asia Stans. The guides were very professional, knowledgeable and brought the many parts of the history together into a new understanding  and perspective of the region.

The local guides added to the trip, especially in the museums, and helped bring together the total picture. 

The hotels were great.  Although they were not the luxurious 5 star hotels we have stayed in, they were clean, friendly, comfortable and had some of the best breakfasts we have ever experienced.

We were surprised at the cleanliness of Central Asia  countries, the completely safe environment and the friendliness of the people.

Spending a night in a nomadic yurt in Uzbekistan, seeing the sunrise, riding a camel, walking the paths of Marco Polo, Amir Temur and Ghengis Khan, meeting Central Asian people that were warm, genuine and happy were all part of what made this one of our best travel adventures.

We travel extensively, but our Central Asia trip was very special one.

Thank you Zulya and the team of Silk Road Treasure Tours.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Solomon

Pinebrook, NJ, USA