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Professor Carter Findley, July, 2014

Professor Carter Findley, July, 2014

Dear Zulya Rajabova,

I am behind in writing to thank you and Silk Road Treasure Tours team for your excellent assistance in arranging my tour of Uzbekistan Silk Road

My trip was a great success and a great opportunity for me to learn about Uzbekistan.  I particularly appreciated the mix of historical sites and contemporary scenes, especially the markets.  The guides were extremely helpful in adapting to the tight schedule.  I was quite tired by the end of the day, but we found time to visit everything on our program.  The guides were extremely well informed.  In Bukhara, it was especially wonderful to have someone who has as much knowledge and as high a level of professional expertise as Yura, with his qualifications and experience as an archeologist.  I am grateful to him for taking me first to Bahauddin Naqshband and showing me the proper way to visit the site.  Zafar and Zakhir in Tashkent not only showed me this capital city but also drew me into interesting conversations about Uzbekistan musical culture of the shash maqam tradition, and I learned about musician and composer Yunus Rajabi, whose work I would like to know better.  In Samarkand, Larisa gave me equally excellent assistance as a guide.  She was extremely patient with my endless picture taking at the Registan, Shah-I Zinda, and other sites.  If only the sky had not been so dark and rainy the first day in Samarkand, then my photographs would be brighter.  We cannot control the weather, and we experienced some of every kind during those few days. Thank you so much for the great educational trip to Uzbekistan!

Professor Carter V. Findley
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, USA
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