Christine Ng and Herb Wolfsen Iii

Christine Ng and Herb Wolfsen Iii

We travelled to Uzbekistan and Turkey for 2 weeks. While Turkey had wonderful and famous sights, shopping and food, Uzbekistan was the highlight. Imagine watching a documentary on the country, its monuments and people. Well, being there in person was just like that, only better.
Zulya Rajabova prepared us even before the trip, sending information regarding the country, climate, people, sights, food, what to pack and what to expect. We had excellent guides locally, and a guide and driver throughout the trip. Our van was clean and well maintained. Hotels were comfortable, the staff very accommodating, and our guide always available.
We were able to sample a wide variety of local food and drink. Our guide always made sure we were well supplied with bottled water and then helped us find soft drinks, beers and the occasional vodka! Our days included walks through the markets, local cultural shows including classical music, folk music and dance. We had plenty of time to shop, and many in our group came back with rugs, prints, pottery, jewelry, wood carvings and hand embroidered clothing.
The most breathtaking part were the many monuments--mosques, medressahs, tombs and minarets and being able to see the centuries-old intricate tile work up close.
Safety was never a concern. We were not interested in the nightlife so were soundly asleep by eleven. The people everywhere were gracious and hospitable.
Traveling to Uzbekistan was an incredible adventure of a lifetime. Having the services and knowledge of Zulya Rajabova and her tour company Silk Road Treasure Tours  was simply icing on the cake!
Thank you for everything!

( FL, USA)
MAY, 2009




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