Paro is a small charismatic town which nestles around 5000 inhabitants and has immense historical and cultural significance within. Taktsang Monastery or the Tiger's Nest is a touristy delight which is located around 10kms north of the hub of the city. Carefully perched on the edge of a 3120m steep cliff, the monastery is riveting sight at a glance. Legend has it that reverend Padmasambhava aka Guru Rinpoche flew on a tiger's back from Tibet and meditated for three months in the cave at Taktsang. It's an exhaustive 2-3 hour climb to the top of the monastery if you have the enthusiasm or else travelers looking for some adventure can climb on a horse's back (around $10) and make the trip uphill. There is a café after an hour's climb to the monastery where one can taste the delectable Bhutanese delicacies served buffet style. Don't forget to try the butter tea called Suja while trying other Bhutanese favorites such as Aema Datsi (Chilly and cheese) or Kewa Datsi. Make sure you click as many photographs as you can during the climb because the cameras are taken away by the authorities once you reach the monastery. Inside the monastery, you will witness praying monks and the unique smell of burning incense. You will not get tired of the religious structures built for worshipping. Some of the other popular monasteries are the Paro Dzong (Rinpung Dzong) and Drakhapo and Drunkgyel Dzong which are also fortresses surrounding the Paro town. If you happen to visit Bhutan during February, you can also be a part of the larger celebration called Paro Tsetchu which is a colorful dance festival complete with food, fun and flair.