Kathmandu is your regular developing capital city of Nepal. Being the largest city in Nepal, it is at all times bustling in its traffic and pollution. But don't be disappointed yet because the city has a charm in the touristy town of Thamel. If you were wondering where the gypsies went when in Nepal, it was this town which was once flocked by artisans from all over the world. Today, it's a full wi-fi zone which can be your haven for weeks if you're on a low budget. Once there, you can spend hours at a stretch lazing away and gorge some delicious food served at some of the contemporary cafes like the Road House Café, Or2K, Café Kaldi which not only serves Nepali delicacies but other cuisines as well.

Kathmandu has an extremely rich architectural heritage if you travel 13-14 km east towards the third largest city of Nepal which is a world heritage zone. And that's when you reach Bhaktapur.