Ankara, the capital city of Turkey has been divided by development into old and new sections. Ullus, the old section contains ancient buildings of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman heritage along narrow winding streets. A cultural and trading center during Roman times and situated on the caravan routes during the Ottoman Empire, there has been a settlement on this site since the Bronze Age. The oldest parts of the city are overlooked by the ruins of the old castle. Near the gate of the castle is the Museum of Anatolian Civilization. Here you can see priceless artifacts from thousands of years of history in a beautifully restored portion of the old bazaar. The Aladdin Mosque is found inside the walls of the Castle and many restored old Ottoman Empire houses, art galleries and fine restaurants grace the environs.

Yenisehir, the newer section of Ankara reflects bustling, modern life. It was after the War of Independence in 1924 that Ataturk declared Ankara the capital of the new Republic. Now it is filled with banks, shopping malls, high rises and government offices and is the center of Turkey's highway and railway networks. Ankara is the gateway to many of Turkey's tourist regions. People often come here for business, but stay for pleasure, visiting the city's rich historical sites, its museums and fine restaurants and touring the outlying areas. Come for a doner kebab and stay for the sights!