In Pamukkale, tourism is its heritage. It is one of the top attractions of Turkey.

Bubbling through this ancient Turkish resort town are hot springs said to work miracles and nearby are the ancient ruins of Heiropolis and the fabulous mineral formations commonly known as "Cotton Castle". Calcium mineral deposits coat the pools, shelves and ridges of a cliff side, creating a white wonderland of thermal springs. Emperors and kings came here to take the waters and Heiropolis is an important archaeological center and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Truly a representative of its Greek and Roman heritage, you can find the remains of an amphitheatre, the third century Temple of Apollo, the Roman Baths and a Byzantine basilica. Originally a Greek cultural center, it became part of the Roman Empire, then devastated by an earthquake during the reign of Emperor Nero.

Take your time in Pamukkale; enjoy the hot springs where you can swim amongst the columns of the old porticoe, relax with a massage treatment and stroll through the treasures of its history.