A city of wonder and legend, its two suspension bridges join Europe and Asia; the only city in the world between two continents. The Oracle at Delphi is said to have decreed the establishment of the city of Byzantium here and it has been the capital of three great empires. When the city was known as Constantinople its spice market was once the terminus of the fabled Silk Road. Shoppers still delight in the world's oldest and biggest bazaar. Dating from the Ottoman Empire, within its more than 3000 shops, there is something for everyone. Other more ancient and historically significant structures like the incomparable Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace and the fabulous Blue Mosque dominate the Old City while the New City boasts modern businesses, hotels, restaurants and nightlife. Enjoy Istanbul from the water on one of the many Bosporus cruises, savour the abundant fresh seafood, heady spices and unparalleled variety of Turkish cuisine. Find your own 1001 Nights; Istanbul will embrace you with its legacy of the past and views to the future