Travel to Nakhchivan for its monuments of medieval architecture; mausoleums, fortress and the unique Hundaferin bridges across the Araks river. This Azeri enclave is wedged between Armenia and Iran with no land border to Azerbaijan! Residents here link their history with the legend of the biblical Noah who escaped the flood in the Ark which landed on Mnt Ararat.

To the southeast, weave through the Talish Mountains along the Lankaran River where it flows to the sea and meet the traditional Talysh people, who have preserved their centuries old traditions, language and customs in Lankaran.. The Lankaran region is a fertile land; the warm climate encouraging lush growth of citrus trees, grapes, tobacco, rice and oak. Sip the local tea renowned for its delicate flavor or follow Lankaran's broad streets to the Majak, a cylindrical structure that used to house the local thieves.