Guilin is familiar to anyone who admires traditional Chinese art; its sharp-sided mountains shrouded in mist and glittering lakes are a favorite theme. The city itself boasts elegant gardens, two rivers, four lakes and iconic twin pagodas. Flowering cassia trees, fisherman's boats along the Li River, water buffalo in the Longji terraced rice fields and old-fashioned ethnic minority villages like Ping An and Xing Ping will charm any visitor to this area. The "stone forests" of the region are weathered limestone formations filled with craggy peaks and underground streams and caves, some of them hundreds of feet high.

Take a leisurely cruise down the Li River towards Yangshou taking in the stunning landscape; a glimpse of life where time seems to stand still. In this subtropical region there are bamboo groves, crystal clear waters and fabulous caves. You'll enjoy learning about the colorful names and legends attached to ancient hills like Elephant Trunk Hill, Rooster hill, and Mural Hill. Along the way visit Reed Flute Cave with its fantastic stalactite and stalagmite formations and fairy tale-like multicolor lighting.

As one of China's top tourist destinations Guilin and the Li River area have always been an artist's paradise and landscape paintings are one of the area's most sought-after souvenirs.
Along the Li River to nearby Yangshuo is the perfect place to learn more about the multicultural diversity of the area. Its streets retain their original Chinese style and the global village atmosphere of lively West Street offers everything for tourists. On the placid waters Cormorant fishing is still practiced and you can cycle or take a bamboo raft along the river, hike to the summit of Moon Hill or just relax at one of the town's many outdoor restaurants. Picture yourself in a landscape of ancient China – visit Guilin.