Pamir Mountains

The Pamirs, which are among the highest mountain ranges in the world, lie at the junction of four great ranges in Central Asia: Hindu Kush, Tien Shan, Kunlun, and Karakorum. The Tadjiks call this region Bom-i-Dunyo, the Roof of the World, though some believe Pamir means "feet of the sun." Centered in and occupying almost half of modern Tajikistan (as well as southern regions of Kyrgyzstan,) this mountainous region of more than 3700m is one of the most inaccessible areas in the world, and was described as "one of the world's best kept secrets" by a former British Ambassador to Tajikistan.

The Pamir Mountains include three of the highest peaks of the former Soviet Union: Peak Communism, Peak Korjenevskoi, and Peak Lenin. More than 50 mountains higher than 6000 m are still unclimbed: ideal expedition objectives for experienced climbers in search of a fresh challenge!

At 7495m the highest mountain was once known as Peak Communism and is now called Peak Somoni after the powerful 12th century Tajik Samanid dynasty. Facing this mountain in the Academi Nauk Range to the north is another mighty giant of the Pamirs, Peak Evgenia Korjenevskaya (7105 m). These two giants overlook a large moraine, Moskvin Glade, which reaches 4200 m and offers a fine lake and spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. The glade is encircled by three glaciers: Walter, Traube, and Moskvina, named after 3 topographers who first reached the area. The numerous glaciers in the Pamir Mountains serve as one of the largest water sources for all of Central Asia, and Ice-climbing enthusiasts will find good seracs to use for practice.

Lenin peak (7134m) is the second-highest peak of the Pamirs and is located in the south region of Kyrgyzstan called Pamir-Alai. The area 80 km East of Lenin Peak is also fascinating, as there are massifs of Korumdy and Zarya Vostoka (Eastern Sunrise), peaks with a chain of pristine summits.

Silk Road Treasure Tours is happy to make all arrangements for groups interested in climbing Peak Communism, Peak Korjenevskaya, Peak Lenin, as well as those who wish to embark on exploratory climbing expeditions to the eastern Pamirs