Karaganda is the capital of Karagandy, the largest province in Kazakhstan. The city is set in the wilderness of the Central Asian steppes in the heart of the country. Karaganda is a major center of activity for Kazakhstan and was considered as a new capital although Astana eventually won. Karaganda is situated in an important coal basin in Kazakhstan, and the city prospered as an industrial center under Germany and Russia.

Split into two sections, Karaganda's Old Town and New Town are interesting travel contrasts. The Old Town grew organically over the years and includings old mining settlements, and the New Town is Karaganda's current hub. The New Town of Karaganda includes monumental buildings such as the Miners' Palace of Culture, and travelers can tour the beautiful parks and wide streets. Karaganda also offers travel sights like a museum, botanic garden, waterpark, and theatres as well as universities and research institutes. Fountains grace the squares of Karaganda, and travelers can enjoy many beautiful murals and domed mosques. Even the Karaganda train station is a charming colorful building with columns.




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