Our Specials for July

The discounts will be applied to the tours starting on the dates stated; these discounts are valid if you sign up before July 31st, 2018.

Treasures of 5 Central Asia Stans Tour : September 10 – 27, 2018, September 29 – October 15, 2018, October 5 - 21, 2018

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year in Central Asia with its warm and pleasant sunny days, abundance of mouth-watering tasteful fruit and vegetables, and colorful Festivals and cultural events. Experience the warmest welcome in the world and try national dishes and regional variations in 5 different countries.

Come tour with us to the heart of the ancient Silk Road! Participate at seasonal and traditional festivals, and travel to some of the world's most beautiful and rarely visited locations with local Guides.

Our special offer: book this Tour before July 30th, and get $ 200 discount per person!

Uzbekistan Cultural Discovery Tour : October 4th -14th, 2018

Welcome to Uzbekistan - the crossroads of civilization and the heart of Central Asia! Explore the legendary cities and small towns on the great Silk Road and discover cultural treasures of Uzbekistan:  magnificent temples and mosques, ancient palaces and tea houses.

Reserve your seat for the Tour before July 30th and get a Special Discount:  stay at a Boutique Hotel in Samarkand for one extra night – for free!

Discover the Hidden Riches of the Caucasus:  September 14 – September 27, October 14 - October 26, 2018

Experience the most incredible adventure in the Caucasus! Explore the stunning views and spectacular valleys, a land of forgotten wilderness, ancient cities, centuries old culture and traditions. Start your Tour in Azerbaijan visiting the Shirvanshah Palace, the Maiden Tower - Baku's landmark, the Friday Mosque, and a colorful caravansary – the wayside "hotel" of Silk Road merchants and their caravans. Enjoy the must-see tourist sites of Georgia, its ancient capital - charming, 3,000-year old Mtskheta, and vast vineyards of Kakheti, taste the wines and delicious food and enjoy genuine hospitality of locals. Explore Armenia's natural architectural wonders, including art-filled caves and the Devil's Bridge! In Garni visit a pagan temple from 77 AD, called the Temple of Sun, and dedicated to the heathen god Mithra. 

Special Bonus of this month: dinner for two at Shavi Lomi restaurant in Tbilisi that was described in the New York Times newspaper article under the title ”Humble Magic in Georgian Capital's Restaurant Renaissance ".

Sign up before July 30th and enjoy delicious meals in this cozy restaurant the interior of which is decorated like an old manor house !

Wonders of the China Silk Road Tour: September 22nd – October 2nd , 2018

Start your Silk Road journey with us visiting the Great Wall, the iconic symbol of China and  traveling in Xi’an to discover the amazing facts and incredible stories behind 8,000 different life-size figures of world famous Terracotta Army, one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century. In Turpan, one of the most ancient cities of the Great Silk Road and the second lowest depression in the world, visit the picturesque Tuyoq village to see the oldest Buddhist caves and see the Bezeklik "Thousand Buddha" Caves on the flanks of the Flaming Mountains. 

Sign up to this Tour before July 30th, 2018  and get a Special Discount - $ 150 per person




Our 10 Year Anniversary - Once-in-a-Life-Time Adventures

For our celebration we want to make 2018 a very special year for our travelers, so we have planned a series of extraordinary events and anniversary tours to recognize and celebrate our ten year anniversary.

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