Discover the Hidden Riches of the Caucases

Treasures of The Caucasus

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Nestled against the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are emerging as go-to destinations. Fabulous cuisine, rugged mountain peaks and lush valleys, narrow medieval streets and glass skyscrapers inspire travelers in this enchanting mix of cultures and traditions. Explore this pillar of early civilization; a bridge between Europe and Asia, on your journey to a region spanning continents, culture and history – travel to the Caucasus!


Easter in Armenia – The Cradle of Christianity

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Easter or “Zatik” in Armenia is one of the most colorful, joyful celebrations of the year. With traditions dating back thousands of years, visitors are invited to church ceremonies, to participate in community events, to feast like the locals and enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the region. Incense wafts from inside candlelit cathedrals, Easter eggs are dyed, often in dark red for the blood of Christ. Voices everywhere are raised in greeting and response of “Krisdos haryav ee merelotz!” – Christ is risen!” and “Orhnyal eh harootiunun Krisdosee!” – “Blessed is the resurrection of Christ!” while Easter eggs are cracked together! Sweet bread is shared and the table is decorated with colored eggs nestled in dishes of fresh spring grass. Armenia is filled with ancient temples, monasteries and churches, rich sacred and historical sites and the Holy Week of Easter is the most important time in this most ancient of Christian cultures. It was here in 301AD that Armenia officially adopted Christianity as the state religion. The rich history and culture, incredible scenery, continental climate, and modern amenities combine to make Armenia an unforgettable experience for travelers. From the mountain meadows of Tsakhkadzor to the historic churches of Echmiadzin, the cognac cellars and urban pulse of Yerevan, come and celebrate this most joyous of holidays in Armenia!

This is a tour suitable for Religious, Cultural, Photography, Family, Archaeological and Sightseeing. Available as a Group Tour or Private Tour. Suitable for family, boomers, anniversary, romantic and business.


Discover the Hidden Riches of the Caucasus

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The Caucasus countries of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan hold unique enchantments for travelers to discover. Thousands of years of history beckon from this bridge between Europe and Asia, nestled between Russia, Turkey and the Black and Caspian Seas. Relatively untraveled, visitors will find adventure like it used to be with fabulous food, warm hospitality and amazing cultural diversity. Hike up to lone monasteries in Armenia, take a moonlight swim in the Black Sea, taste unforgettable Georgian wine and dance under the minarets of Azerbaijan. It's a land of forgotten wilderness, ancient cities, and traditions from the beginnings of Christianity and Islam, Circassia and the Ottoman Empire. Experience the most incredible adventure in your life in the Caucasus!

Special Offer

Valid for Tours August 24-September 5, 2019 and September 16-28, 2019

Experience the most incredible adventure in the Caucasus! Explore the stunning views and spectacular valleys, a land of forgotten wilderness, ancient cities, centuries old culture and traditions. Start your Tour in Azerbaijan visiting the Shirvanshah Palace, the Maiden Tower - Baku's landmark, the Friday Mosque, and a colorful caravansary – the wayside "hotel" of Silk Road merchants and their caravans. Enjoy the must-see tourist sites of Georgia, its ancient capital - charming, 3,000-year old Mtskheta, and vast vineyards of Kakheti, taste the wines and delicious food and enjoy genuine hospitality of locals. Explore Armenia's natural architectural wonders, including art-filled caves and the Devil's Bridge! In Garni visit a pagan temple from 77 AD, called the Temple of Sun, and dedicated to the heathen god Mithra. 

Special Bonus of this month: dinner for two at Shavi Lomi restaurant in Tbilisi that was described in the New York Times newspaper article under the title” Humble Magic in Georgian Capital's Restaurant Renaissance ".

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Treasures of Armenia

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Armenia is an ancient and beautiful country, modernizing and blossoming after years of Soviet rule. Incredible landscapes, a rich history and modern amenities combine to make Armenia an unforgettable travel experience. Bustling, lively cities give way to rolling hills, flowing rivers, and tall mountains and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the mountain meadows of Tsakhkadzor to the historic churches of Echmiadzin and the urban pulse of Yerevan, Armenia offers something for everyone!

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