Turkmenistan Travel

Khosh Geldiniz! – Welcome Turkmenistan. The landscape of Turkmenistan unfolds like a fabled Turkmen carpet...the Caspian Sea forms the western edge while mountain ranges fringe the southern borders and parts east. It is surfaced by one of the largest expanses of sand in the world: the Karakum (black sand) desert. Turkmen carpets are legendary; sumptuously woven of wool, with its distinctive palette of deep reds patterned with traditional ghels – the symbolic motifs and talismans of tribe and region. Turkmenistan toursHistorically this was an area dominated by political forces scuffling across the territory. The armies of Alexander, the Roman, Persian and Arab empires and the hordes of Ghengis Khan all vied for control, while the wild nomadic horsemen pursued their tribal way of life. For centuries unknown and unmapped, Turkmenistan was finally incorporated into the Russian empire. Now the country enjoys independence and neutral status, fiercely proud of its culture and traditions. From desert oases and mountain aeries, on the songs of the mystic Bakhshy troubadors come the treasures of Turkmenistan. Revel in its bustling bazaars, redolent with spices and tradition. Enjoy the pilav rice dishes, herb-filled pastries, Chorek bread and even camel's milk with local families. Visit workshops and watch as skilled craftsmen and women produce luxurious silks and fabulous embroidery. Experience the thrill of a horse race where native Akhaltekin horses have always been attributed magical qualities. Noble and loyal and decorated with silver ornaments, they were said to fly between the heavens and the earth. See the whole city of Ashgabat at your feet from the top of the Arch of Neutrality. This capital city sits at the edge of the Karakum desert. Visit the carpet museum there and its displays of weaving and design. Once every woman knew how to weave carpets, while famous telpek is still men's work. This is the large furry hat worn by men, summer and winter. An entire section of the city bazaar is devoted to traditional Turkmen handicrafts including Kheteni silk, and Zergar silver jewelry. Once you've tried your hand at bargaining with the vendors, go modern – there's even a casino in Ashgabat! Breathe in 5000 years of civilization at archaeological sites like Kunya-Urgench, Dekhistan, Merv and Old Nissa. Just outside of Ashgabat are the ruins of the ancient fortress complex and the Sunday bazaar of Old Nissa. This was the capital of the Parthian kings for 600 years,… More