Tajikistan Travel

Xush Omaded! – Welcome. Beautiful and remote, ranging from the Fann Mountains in the west to the rocky heights of the Pamirs in the eastern region Tajikistan boasts some of the last unexplored regions of the world, and some of the oldest historical sites. It is the smallest country of Central Asia, but like its neighbor Kyrgyzstan, it is a mountainous wonder. For centuries travelers on the Silk Road would pass through here on their way to China or the Indian subcontinent. Tajikistan is a panorama of white peaks and lush, sub-tropical valleys. It's a land of contrasts and extremes; citrus orchards and glaciers, soaring eagles and stalwart yaks, rushing rivers and silent stone ruins. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote of Tajikistan's ancient sites, and the native Khuttal horses were the backbone of Alexander the Great's cavalry. A multicultural mix of regional ethnicities, the people of Tajikistan will delight you with their hospitality, their traditions and their enthusiasm to share with you the wealth of the primeval beauty that surrounds them. The vibrant colors of the mountains against an azure sky set a perfect backdrop for the brilliant traditional silk and woven fabrics set with glittering gems and embroidery. The Pamir Mountain range known as "The Roof of the World", gives way to the three great mountain ranges of Central Asia: the Hindukush, the Karakorum, and the Tien-Shan. The remote mountains of Tajikistan are famous for their glaciers, some of the largest in Asia and their glittering alpine lakes. They are a haven for mountaineers, boasting innumerable routes of all complexities and inviting trekkers and climbers of all abilities. If the yeti truly exists, you'll find it here! Stroll through the European-style streets of the capital of Dushanbe and stop in a chaikhana, a traditional tea house for tea, sweets and gossip. From humble beginnings as a caravanserai, it was famous for its Monday bazaars (Dushanbe means Monday in Tajik). Today's handicrafts reflect the skill of generations of master craftsmen. Easily accessible to the north of the city, the sun-baked and steep-sided Varzob Gorge has all the right elements for mountain climbing, trekking, ecotourism, rafting and even bicycle racing. Just to the west of Dushanbe on the mountain-fringed plain, the Hissar Historic and Cultural reserve is an incredible archaeological complex. Excavations reveal structures dated at 2500 years old and the site includes the reconstructed remains of an 18th century fortress.… More