Russia Travel

Dobro pojalovat! Welcome to Russia! Moscow Russia Russian's people and cultures are as varied as its terrain, its cuisine as tempting and historical treasures as exciting. No matter how you explore Russia, it never fails to surprise. Let our experts at Silk Road Treasure Tours make your adventure unforgettable. In the early ninth century Viking chieftains unified the Slavic tribes of Eastern Europe creating Russia's first dynasties. Christianity was adopted early on as the state religion and the iconic onion-domed Orthodox churches dominate the country's cities and towns. Islam, Buddhism and nomadic tribal customs arrived with the invasions of the Mongols in the 1200's, who were finally defeated by the late 15th century. Moscow became the central governing power and the home of the Romanov dynasty. Rulers such as Peter the Great and Catherine II ruled imperial Russia until the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 when the Soviets came to power. Moscow still stands amidst the vast forests of eastern Russian as capital of the Russian Federation. It's a cosmopolitan realm of bustling activity that fuses Western comfort with Eastern charm. It's heaven for history and art buffs, full of museums, historic monuments and scenic locations. Take in the magnificence of Red Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where Lenin and Stalin spoke to the populace, and subsequent Soviet governments stage their military parades. It is said that Red Square is the central square of all Russia and each building is a legend in its own right. On one side loom the towers of the Kremlin, the heart of Russian politics and history and a treasure of architecture; the cathedrals and Patriarch's Palaces, once the home of Tsars and church Patriarchs. Stop in one of the many nearby restaurants for a cup of borscht, a bliny pancake with sour cream or jam or delicious shashlyk (lamb kebab). Step outside to marvel at the fairy tale colors and shapes of St. Basil's Cathedral – its vibrant colors and lofty domes will beckon you to explore the hallowed halls of this global symbol of Russian Orthodoxy. Visit the historic Bolshoi Theatre for ballet or opera. Hop on the Moscow Metro and zip to the other side of Moskva River to enjoy the phenomenal collection of Russian fine art in Tretyakov Gallery. Shop and dine riverside under the street lanterns on pedestrian Arbat Street. Look for souvenirs and art, nesting dolls, fur hats and… More