Morocco Travel

Welcome to Morocco. It is one of the most fascinating destinations where civilizations developed throughout the centuriesTake a unique travel adventure to Morocco! Discover Morocco’s Classical Imperial Cities, UNESCO Heritage Sites, Majestic Palaces, Ancient Mosques, Covered markets, rural Villages along with a Grand Sahara Desert. Enjoy stays at charming boutique riads and hotels, Camel Trek through the Sahara Desert and Overnight in a Luxury Desert Camp. Morocco is the perfect destination for couples and families who want to enhance their global vision of the world. A friendly destination with a people who are hospitable and kind, Morocco should be on everyone’s bucket list. Well appointed at the tip of North Africa, just an 1 hour from Spain and 7 ½ hours from New York city, Morocco guarantees an amazing experience for intrepid and luxury travelers. A former colony of France, Portugal and Spain, Morocco remains a hidden jewel with its exotic cuisine and majestic landscapes comprised mountains, rivers, gorges, valleys, desert and farmland. Moroccan cuisine is the culinary star of North Africa. Imperial and trade influence has been filtered and blended into Morocco's culture. Being at the crossroads of many civilizations, the cuisine and architecture of Morocco is a mélange of Arab, Berber, Moorish, French, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean African, Iberian, and Jewish influences. Travel with Silk Road Treasure Tours and indulge in the glory of Morocco. More