Kazakhstan Travel

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, with a welcome just as wide. At over a million square miles, this country has it all! Mountains and glaciers, vast steppes and desert and over a hundred and twenty nationalities! Stunning landscapes and ancient architecture conjure images of nomads and warriors, falconry and poetry, silk-robed horsemen and exotic beauty. The word "Kazakh" itself translates to "free, independent nomad." Today's nomad can take advantage of Kazakhstan's natural beauty with thrilling ski terrain and breathtaking alpine treks. Eastern Kazakhstan is a dream of snow-capped peaks and precipitous canyons, glacier lakes, pristine forests and mountain meadows stretching as far as Mongolia. Kazakhstan reaches from Khan Tengri Mountain at over 7,000 meters high to the Karagie Depression at 132 meters below sea level, second lowest in the world. Its nature reserves are home to some of the rarest species in the world and to the original Dutch tulip. Eco-tourism is a growth industry in Kazakhstan. Unique environmental features and so much untouched wilderness present a rare opportunity for the country to lead in this field. In the south and west of the country, the mountains give way to steppe and desert. Here you can relish the sunsets over the Caspian Sea and marvel at ancient historical sites in the city of Turkestan. Wonder at the "singing dunes" in the Almaty reserve and fantastic, weathered rock formations of the Charyn Canyon, or just relax on the beach or at one of the famous health resorts. The cities of Turkestan, Taraz, Almaty and the brand new capital of Astana attract tourists as well. The former capital city of Almaty at the foot of the Zaili Alatau Mountains is a picturesque place of parks and gardens, mountain streams and streets made for strolling. Situated in the middle of a national park it was named for its apples! Historical Taraz was a prosperous trading center with castles, forts, temples and monuments preserved from the middle ages. Opulent and colorful, traditional architecture is the hallmark of Turkestan, a center of education and culture in the middle ages where some of the buildings are attributed to the great leader Tamerlane himself. Like tiles on the facades of Turkestan, the mosaic of Kazakhstan reflects diversity in a multi-colored fabric of life. You can thrill to displays of traditional horsemanship and immerse yourself in rich ornamentation created by skilled artisans and craftsmen.… More