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Travel to Japan

Travel to Japan

Yokoso! Welcome to Japan!

Still one of the world’s most fascinating destinations, travel to Japan is more popular than ever. With the 2020 Olympics on the horizon, Japan has put its tourism infrastructure on the fast-track, ready to engage even more visitors from around the world. An incredible combination of the modern and traditional, Japan is everything you’ve heard it is, and more. Whether your interests lie in Kabuki or Cosplay, Ikebana or Anime, temples or trains, nightlife or nature, You’ll find something astonishing around every corner any time of the year when you tour Japan with Silk Road Treasure Tours.
Tokyo seems to never sleep. Innovation is the heartbeat of the city, set against a backdrop of history and tradition. Skyscrapers perch next to temples in this city of iconic landmarks, both historic and modern. Its neon lights mix with traditional restaurant lanterns enticing visitors to sample all the nightlife it has to offer including the some of the best restaurants in the world. Essentially a city of neighborhoods, Tokyo is everything it’s said to be, from the sublime to the ridiculous - layers of surprise and excitement all wrapped up and packaged like sushi rolls in a bento box. Popular day trips from Tokyo include Mount Fuji and the surrounding lakes and castle towns, the forests, waterfalls and shrines of Nikko, the hot springs of Hakone, the ancient seaside temples of Kamakura, and Yokohama – perched up on a hill overlooking the ocean and the original settlement for foreigners.
With improvements and expansions of the already top-notch transit system, travelers will be impressed with the speed, comfort and ease of touring Japan. Once away from the big metropolises, however, time seems to slow down, even in Kyoto, the former capital. This is the traditional Japan many come here seeking; the shimmering Golden Pavilion, serene Ryoan-ji Zen stone garden, towering Nijo Castle, rows of red-orange torii gates leading up to the peaked roofs of shrines, and the jangle of temple bells. At the end of the day traditional ryokan inns welcome visitors with picturesque locations, fresh local specialties, and a hot bath for the ultimate in relaxation, Japanese style! Omotenashi is the tradition of commitment to service and detail for which Japan is famous. Hotels, restaurants and shops go that extra mile for guests, especially visitors. The beautiful display of a kaiseki meal, the lovely wrapping of even the simplest of purchases, the welcome greeting in a shop, and the anticipation of a guest’s needs – all perfect examples of Japanese omotenashi.
Exacting standards of quality are the hallmarks of Japanese workmanship and dedicated artisan apprentices take decades to become masters at the crafts of sword and knife making, lacquerware, kimono design, and even sushi and sake preparation! Visitors to Japan can participate in tours and workshops devoted to all aspects of Japanese culture, and bring home lovely, hand-crafted souvenirs.
Even the weather is welcoming in Japan! Any time is the perfect time to tour Japan. With a number of different climatic zones throughout the country when it’s spring in Tokyo, it’s already warming up down in Okinawa and still ski season up in Hokkaido! Japan celebrates its seasons, and the annual calendar is chock-a-block full of events and festivities in every region and town. Join in the fun on a journey of discovery to Japan with Silk Road Treasure Tours.

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