Iran Travel

Khosh amadid! Welcome to Iran! Iran, once part of ancient Persia, has long been a cultural and intellectual center along the Silk Road. It is the birthplace of Hafez and Rumi, leaders of the great Persian literary tradition, the site of famed scientific, medical and mathematical discoveries, and the resting place of great kings. What would you expect from one of the oldest civilizations in the world? Discover the wonders of Iran! Southern Iran was originally part of Mesopotamia, considered to be the seat of civilization. The Medes unified an Iranian nation for the first time in mid-fifth century BC. Cyrus the Great further merged the Median and Persian cultures, establishing the Achaemenid Empire. Most of the region practiced Zoroastrianism which leaves its traces in contemporary Iranian customs. Alexander the Great defeated this vast Persian Empire, the largest ever seen. After Greek and Parthian rule, the Sassanid Dynasty reestablished Iran as a great empire, imbuing Silk Road trade with never-before-seen vibrancy. In the mid-600s, the Arab conquests spread Islam and the Arabic script throughout the region. By the sixteenth century, the Safavid Dynasty was in power, leading to a long line of shahs who gave the Iranian nation a newfound identity that exists to this day. Iran is a plateau rimmed by snow-capped mountain ranges and a landscape as diverse as its history. Amidst the Alborz Mountains, discover Tehran, the capital. Fall in love with the splendid artistry of the Golestan Palace Complex, decorated with murals and jewels dating back to the mid sixteenth century. Feel what it must have been like to be a visitor of the shah, marveling at the stunning mosaics, stained glass and mirrors that decorate the massive rooms of what was once a walled citadel. Spend time perusing Tehran's museums, including the archaeological exhibits of the National Museum of Iran and the impressive collection of gemstones, some of the most important in the world, found in the National Jewels Museum. Examine one of the remaining Zoroastrian fire temples, where you can learn firsthand about one of the world's oldest organized religions. Take a break and savor a cup of Iranian coffee, rest in Park-e Shahr (City Park), enjoy a delicious kebab or take a boat ride in the nearby lake. Tehran is a feast for the senses and the Bazaars are famous for their chaotic blend of vendors and stalls selling every manner of goods,… More