Georgia Travel

Georgia is a country of mountain and sea, with the north Caucasus Mountains along its northern border with Russia and the Black Sea to the west. Its close proximity to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe has made it a cultural crossroads throughout history the Silk Road brought travelers and merchants from the East and West to this central location. Georgia was unified under one king as early as the 4th century B.C., and was the location of the legendary Golden Fleece which Jason and the Argonauts sought in Greek mythology. It is no wonder that a place of such intrigue and splendor found its way into classical legends. Many travelers begin exploring Georgia with a visit to Tbilisi. Tbilisi is Georgia's historic capital city since the 6th century A.D. It was named for the hot springs that abound in the area, as the word "Tpili" means 'warm' in Georgian. Tbilisi is the largest city in the country, with over one million inhabitants and is situated in the beautiful Mtkvari River Valley. Being a major cultural, industrial, and social center of Georgia, it typifies the blend of cultures seen across the country, with a mix of architectural styles and inhabitants. Although the main religion is Orthodox Christianity, mosques are found next to synagogues, and modern European city planning mixes with meandering medieval roads. Tbilisi contains a charming Old Town with wooden houses, open-air balconies and winding streets. For those interested in cultural attractions, Tbilisi offers many museums to showcase the history and art of the area, including the Georgian State History Museum, Georgian Art Museum, Tbilisi Museum, and the Museum of Folk Architecture and many art galleries. Other cultural entertainment venues include the Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, Shota Rustaveli State Academic Theatre, and Marjanishvili State Academic Theatre. For sports fan, the city houses multiple stadiums, especially for soccer and basketball. Those of any religion appreciate the beauty and historic significance of the medieval Sioni Cathedral and fabulous Sameba Cathedral, finished, in 2004 to commemorate the 1,500 anniversary of the autonomy of the Georgian Orthodox Church. The Metekhi area of the city also offers an impressive medieval church, an unusual example of a domed Georgian Orthodox church, perched above Tbilisi on a cliff. The mountains surrounding the city provide impressive views. A must-see is Narikala, an ancient fortress founded in the 4th century and now nestled in… More