China Travel

The Great Wall of China; over four thousand miles long and twenty-five hundred years old - a fitting symbol for the wondrous nation of China. This country of over a billion people has been a leading civilization throughout the world's history.It has lured traders, travelers, conquerors and the curious over the centuries. Let China lure you, too, with its treasures of antiquity, stunning landscapes, warm people, charming villages and vibrant zest of its booming cities. China is a land of splendors and surprises, a vast region only slightly smaller than the United States. Within its borders are incredible mountains, some of the longest rivers in the world, vast steppes and serpentine coastlines. From sub-tropical to sub-arctic China boasts rainforests, grasslands, deserts and tundra and borders fourteen other nations. China is a multicultural country with fifty-five ethnic groups. You can only imagine the wealth of culture and cuisine in such a rich land! Keep your camera ready. From the busy streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the classic beauty of Yanshuo and the desert wonders of Kashgar, China is the jewel box of the Orient. The city of Beijing has long been the centre for art, culture and politics. It offers a fascinating introduction to China. The primary capital for more than seven centuries its ancient past includes stunning imperial residences and parks, walls and gates. Explore the tombs of the Ming Emperors. Visit the hutongs, the alley neighborhoods, to experience how the people of Beijing have always lived. See what was hidden at the mysterious Forbidden City. Wonder at the beauty of the Temple of Heaven, enjoy the Summer Palace and Beijing opera like an emperor, and feast like one during a multi-course Chinese dinner. Beijing's exciting present offers famous shopping districts, broad boulevards and modern museums. Stand in awe in the middle of Tiananmen Square and wonder at the centuries of accomplishment of the Chinese people. Shanghai evokes images of glamorous women and smoky business deals overlaid with Oriental mystery. With its western-influenced architecture it was the center of colonial foreign business. The Bund showcased European and American banks, trading houses, hotels, consulates and clubs along the shore. Shanghai is China's showcase city – its financial capital, fashion and industrial center. Stroll the Bund, shop the Huahuei and Nanjing roads, enjoy the streets of souvenir and jewelry shops and don't forget to stop to refresh yourself with dumplings and… More