Central Asia Travel

Central Asia has always been a cultural and intellectual crossroads. For millennia it has beckoning travelers, traders, conquerors and scholars with its treasures. Bordered by the vast Russian steppe to the North, the fairytale beauty of the Caspian Sea to the West, the Afghan mountains and wilderness to the South and the ancient Oriental splendors ofChina to the East, the five countries of Central Asia are the ultimate travel destinations for the trip of a lifetime. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are the jewels in the necklace of Central Asia. Let Silk RoadTreasure Tours guide you through the wonders of Central Asia as you step into a reality crafted from fables and fantasies. Discover 2,500 years of history as you travel to Uzbekistan. Minarets soar into the sky, mosques and madrasas sparkle in the sunlight, and hospitality is tradition! Let the breathtaking natural beauty of Uzbekistan astound you. The Kyzyl Kym desert connects the ancient cities of Khiva and Bukhara. In Khiva the inner city walls that defended the city from invaders date from a thousand ago. It's one of the best preserved cities of the Silk Road, distinguished by its blue mosaic tile work. Bukhara is a treasure of historic monuments, lively bazaars and living history, where culture, trade and art merged and flourished throughout the millennia. Enjoy Registan Square in Samarkand, a triumvirate of buildings that reflects the ancient architectural and cultural traditions of Uzbekistan. Here you'll find the grave of Timur, the national hero of Uzbekistan. Experience Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world with a welcome just as large! Stunning landscapes and ancient architecture conjure images of nomads and warriors, falconry and poetry, silk-robed equestrians and exotic beauty. In Turkestan much of the traditional architecture is attributed to the great Timur himself. Explore the former capital, Almaty, situated at the foot of the Zaili Alatau Mountain Range. Its gardens, parks, and remarkable promenades are perfect for daydreams and evening strolls. Enjoy the modern marvels of Astana, Kazakhstan's brand new capital city, which fuses modern comfort with ancient steppe glory. Thrill to displays of traditional horsemanship, or immerse yourself in rich ornamentation created by skilled artisans – Kazakhstan has something for everyone. Adventure across the grand, rugged landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. The 80 different nationalities who call it home are warm and inviting, whether from a yurt hut or a Soviet-style apartment complex. The Tien Shan… More