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Bhutan Kuzuzangpo - Greetings! Bhutan trekking Tours Surrounded in mystery like the clouds that shroud its peaks, Bhutan has always been a mystical destination – the last Shangri-la. While ascetics, scholars, philosophers and pilgrims have been drawn to these distant rugged mountains to search for wisdom and inspiration in the country's monasteries, temples and castles this remote nation has shied away from the world's attention for centuries, only recently opening its doors to visitors. Find your own place on the nation's Index of Gross National Happiness amidst the lush scenery and sacred mountains of Bhutan. Let yourself be swept away like the winds that snatch at the flags carrying prayers across the boundless vistas of Drukyul - the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Soar with the eagles on the resonance of haunting mantras and be dazzled by the brilliant, swirling colors of painted dragons and the flash of an arrow unleashed to its target. Hazy incense wafts into the clear brilliant sunlight of the mountain valleys from gold-roofed temples in this land of medieval Buddhist culture. Saffron and crimson monks' robes and bold-colored woodwork form a masterpiece of contrast against verdant terraced paddies and glacial alpine peaks. Bhutan proffers a sense of peace and purity. Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, stark and dramatic mountains form its frontiers with Tibet and India. The people here revere their king and are devoted Buddhists. Since the opening of tourism in 1974, the government has instituted a controlled tourism and development policy. It has mandated that 60% of Bhutan remain forested, preserving its pastoral charm and rich biodiversity. Billboards, plastic bags and tobacco are not allowed and all adhere to the national dress code of traditional kira and kho robes. It is perhaps the least modernized country in Asia, giving you the feeling of stepping back in time, or into a magical world where gurus ride on the backs of flying tigers. It is home to some of the most exotic animal species in the region: the takin, snow leopard, golden langur and blue sheep, although the Yeti remains a legend – and a postage stamp figure! Dzongs – the fortified monasteries of Bhutan often rise at dizzying heights above towns built near for protection. Normally the seats of local civil and religious power, Dzongs are testimony to the wars, sieges and attempted invasions of Bhutan's past. Even the national language is… More