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zulya rajabova central asia travel expert top 2020 travel destinationsIt's the start of another exciting year! And we're thrilled to announce our top Silk Road Travel Destinations for 2020.

At Silk Road Treasure Tours, we believe that every choice in travel is a new adventure to discover! Discover your passion with us at magnificent UNESCO World Heritage sites, legendary Silk Road cities of Central Asia and Caucasus, bustling bazaars, peaceful villages and fabulous experiences in destinations along roads less traveled. Step into landscapes of starry desert skies, wind-swept steppe, and the breathtaking peaks and crystal clear lakes Issyk Kul, Sevan, Iskandar Kul of the Tianshan, Pamir, and the Caucasus mountains.

Whatever your interests and travel style our Silk Road Treasure Tours experts create incredible itineraries for the pure joy of travel in the lands of Central Asia, the Caucasus, Southeast Asia, and western China!

Bukhara, Uzbekistan

bukhara uzbekistan silk road toursOur 2020 list begins in the center of the Silk Road between China and Europe in the cultural heartland of Bukhara in Uzbekistan.

One of the most ancient and fascinating cities of Central Asia, Bukhara boasts centuries of history studded with great scholars and scientists, artisans and architects. Bukhara proudly hosts the unique Silk & Spices, Melon, and Folk Dance festivals! It’s cuisine is as Silk Road authentic as it gets and the bazaars at Toki Sarrafon, Zargaron and Karavan bustle with old world handicrafts. The Poi Kalon Ensemble, Ismail Samoni mausoleum and the Labi Khaus Complex are spectacular examples of Islamic art and architecture and charming boutique hotels welcome you with all the traditional hospitality of Uzbekistan.

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Signagi And The Kakheti Wine Regions, The Republic Of Georgia

signagi georgia caucasus silk road treasure tours cr suraponGeorgia is the cradle of wine, it’s viticulture tracing back thousands of years. A rising foodie destination, head to Georgia for delicious traditional bread, cheese, chacha, and of course wine and brandy!  It’s a destination of mountains and seasides, with the north Caucasus Mountains along its border with Russia and the warm Black Sea to the west. The famous wine region of Kakheti in eastern Georgia is the gateway to the gorgeous Tusheti mountain region. Hundreds of varieties of grapes are grown in Kakheti, and its genial hospitality is famous. The charming town of Signagi offers spectacular views of valleys and mountains, monasteries perched on hilltops, medieval architecture, cobbled streets, and wooden balconies in pastel hues.

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Samarkand, Uzbekistan

registan samarkand uzbekistan tours cr tim bakerAlexander the Great remarked that “Everything I have heard about Samarkand is true… except that it is more beautiful than I ever imagined.” One of the most awe-inspiring destinations on earth, legendary Samarkand has attracted travelers and traders for millennia. It  blossomed as a center of trade, learning and culture on the ancient Silk Road route between China and the Mediterranean. The first paper mill in the Islamic world was supposedly constructed here after two Chinese prisoners revealed the secret of papermaking and visitors can still experience traditional mulberry paper making here. Emir Temur, the hero of Central Asia (known in Europe as Tamerlane) transformed Samarkand into his royal capital with magnificent architecture and displays of his unprecedented ambition. Samarkand’s Registan Square encompasses unique masterpieces of art and architecture, on your must-see list to discover in 2020.

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Penjikent and The Fann Mountains, Tajikistan

fann mountain villages tajikistan tours silk road treasure toursFor a taste of outdoor adventure in 2020, head to the Fann Mountains in Tajikistan. Part of the Pamir Mountain range, close to the Uzbekistan border, the Fann Mountains are renown for their majestic beauty. The peaks, glaciers and pristine lakes and valleys are a trekker’s dream. A lesser-visited part of the region, it offers charming hospitable mountain villages and local culinary experiences. Once the ancient town of Sogdiana and the only stop between the mountains and Samarkand, Penjikent rests in the picturesque Zeravshan River valley. Ruins of the original citadel and its traditional bazaar are highlights for visitors here.

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Yerevan, Armenia

yerevan armenia caucasus travel silk road treasure tours cr suraponEaster in the Caucasus for 2020!  Celebrate the Holy Week in the cradle of Christianity. Sunday, April 12th is Orthodox Easter this year and Armenia has 1,718 years of practice.

Filled with ancient temples, monasteries and churches, Easter is the most important time in this most ancient of Christian cultures. The rich history and culture, amazing cuisine,  incredible scenery, continental climate, and modern amenities combine to make Armenia an unforgettable experience for travelers. From the mountain meadows of Tsakhkadzor and the historic churches of Echmiadzin, to the cognac cellars and urban pulse of Yerevan, come and celebrate this most joyous of holidays in Armenia!

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Tianshan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan

Tiyanshan mountains kyrgyzstan silk road toursLike nothing you’ve ever seen, the Tianshan Mountains are famous for their stunning natural landscapes.

All along the wide steppes, nomadic games and local festivals and sporting events bring together cultures and traditions from across Central Asia in full traditional dress… with horses and eagles. Lots of horses... a jam-packed spectacle of skill and culture. From the shores of the world’s warmest alpine lake to mountain pastures, Kyrgyzstan offers yurt life, traditional felting, camels, archery, wrestling and… did we mention horses?! A liberal visa policy and Silk Road Treasure Tours’ experienced planners can help you get here. Let us custom plan your 2020 Kyrgyzstan trip.

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Ulaanbaatar, The Gobi Desert In Mongolia

mongolia tours akMongolia really is everything you’ve ever heard of! From the city of Ulaanbaatar vast tracts of steppe stretch towards the Gobi desert and the horizon under skies of deepest blue. Pink-cheeked smiles welcome you and the Gobi offers incredible scenery and stunning sunsets. The Mongolian Naadam festival in July 2020 is a celebration of all things nomadic dating back to the times of the Mongol armies when athletes, soldiers and monks all participated in games and ceremonies. Men and women compete in exciting horseback races and archery. There’s traditional wrestling, food, music, and crafts to round out this exploration of Mongolian culture. Experience an overnight stay in a ger yurt camp under the blazing stars, a camel ride in the desert, and expeditions to singing dunes and flaming cliffs!

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Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam Southeast AsiaAny trip to Vietnam in 2020 would not be complete without a visit to spectacular Halong Bay. A dream destination for photographers and adventurers, travelers enjoy treks through breathtaking Cat Ba National Park, snorkelling in the bays, kayaking through caves, or visiting nearby villages for handicrafts, cooking classes or a tea ceremony. Enjoy an enchanting mix of cultures, traditions and festivals in Vietnam.

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So, which of these Silk Road destinations will you be checking off your travel bucket list in 2020?  - We would love to hear all about your travel plans.

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