Explore the magical festivals and cultural events of Central Asia with Silk Road Treasure Tours


My home city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan is a place where thousands of years of history and vibrant culture come alive! The spectacular 20th International Silk and Spice Festival has just come to a close. From June 16-18 the rich traditions, cultural diversity, and hospitality of Central Asia were showcased, drawing thousands of travelers and visitors f...

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Uzbekistan’s Amirsoy Mountain Resort -Paradise for Hikers and Adventurers

blog11 Hiking in Uzbekistan’s Amirsoy mountain resort

My homeland of Uzbekistan is rich in ancient Silk Road cities, fascinating cultures, captivating history, remarkable historical sites, and bustling Silk Road bazaars. Recently recommended by top world publications as Asia's must-see, unspoiled destination means it's heating up as the go-to place!   For over 30 years, my team of guides, anthrop...

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Exploring the cultural treasures of spectacular Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia

Kyrgyz-girls-in-traditional-outfit_World-Nomad-Games-Kyrgyzstan-1 World Nomad Games - Kyrgyzstan

Whenever I speak with my travelers excitedly preparing to take a trip to Central Asia, I get such pleasure from offering them insider information about our destinations and the secrets to those once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences in my homeland of Uzbekistan, neighboring Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. Preparing for this spr...

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