Tour to Uzbekistan to experience the Khiva Melon Festival


The year's most flavorful festival takes place on August 12-13 in the ancient Silk Road city of Khiva in Uzbekistan. The annual Melon Festival attracts visitors from far and wide, and this year will be a bountiful one. Uzbekistan is one of the largest melon exporters in the world. The cold winters, hot summers and 300 days of sun a year produce abo...

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Planning a Custom Multi Destination Trip Along The Legendary Silk Road


The legendary Silk Road conjures images of laden caravans, raucous bazaars, rare and exotic commodities and tales told by worldly travelers. Over some 4000 miles these merchants, pilgrims, soldiers, conquerors, nomads, and curious tourists traveled the Silk Road routes criss-crossing Europe and Asia. Over mountain, steppe, desert and valley they gl...

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Explore the magical festivals and cultural events of Central Asia with Silk Road Treasure Tours


My home city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan is a place where thousands of years of history and vibrant culture come alive! The spectacular 20th International Silk and Spice Festival has just come to a close. From June 16-18 the rich traditions, cultural diversity, and hospitality of Central Asia were showcased, drawing thousands of travelers and visitors f...

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