Post Covid - International Silk and Spice Festival in Bukhara, Uzbekistan 28-30 June 2021


We are so excited!  From May 28th through May 30th, the International Silk and Spices festival in Bukhara is back!  Canceled in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, the Bukhara Tourism Department is moving forward with the support of the country's "Travel Safe. Guaranteed" program.  Visitors to this festival exper...

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Sarmishsai Gorge addition to your Post-Covid Uzbekistan family trip.


"What can you offer families for Uzbekistan tours post-pandemic?'' Several of my travelers have asked this recently. My answer is "Add the Sarmishsai Gorges and Bukhara Oasis Resort to your itinerary!" I traveled to Uzbekistan several times during this past year to work with my in-country team. We reviewed all our tours then planned new tour itiner...

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Silk Road Treasure Tours clients are starting their POST COVID international travels to Uzbekistan

POST COVID international travels to Uzbekistan

We are very excited that our first group of travelers have started their post-Covid Uzbekistan tours. After not being able to travel for more than a year because of COVID-19 restrictions many of our clients could not wait to start traveling to their favorite travel destinations. Uzbekistan is welcoming travelers from selected countries including th...

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