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Silk Road Treasure Tours to Kazakhstan, Land of the Golden Eagle

Silk Road Treasure Tours to Kazakhstan, Land of the Golden Eagle

Silk Road Treasure Tours invites you to experience Kazakhstan! The 9th largest country in the world, it extends from the Caspian Sea to Mongolia, and offers a wealth of incredible landscapes, fascinating traditions and welcoming people. Nomads still live in yurts and hunt with eagles, yet the country has its feet firmly in the 21st century. Since Independence it has developed a strategic world position economically and politically, yet remains one of the last undiscovered countries for most travelers.

Silk Road Treasure tours invites you to experience the past and present in Kazakhstan.

Magnificent forested mountains and pristine lakes and rivers contrast the endless vista of the steppe and vastness of blue sky. Visit with a family of eagle hunters and local women's traditional handicraft workshops. Visitors are honored guests and you can experience this legendary hospitality sharing a meal with a nomadic Khazakh family, try the horse meat sausages and fermented camel’s milk! Step back in time to explore Kazakh history in the ancient Silk Road cities of Chymkent, Turkistan and Taraz. Stay at intimate boutique hotels like the Orbita (top-rated on Trip Advisor), accommodations hand picked by Silk Road Treasure Tours knowledgeable staff.

For two very different urban immersions, visit Almaty and Astana, cities of Kazakhstan’s past and future. Almaty, the former capital, boasts lovely tree-lined streets and welcoming gardens and parks. Astana is a brand new, purpose built capitol of broad avenues and enormous modern constructions, reminiscent of Brazilia or Dubai - with a touch of Las Vegas! Both cities offer full-on luxury accommodations at the Ritz Carlton, the Rixos, and the Intercontinental Astana and Almaty.

Astana is a dreamland of colored lights at night, fantastic architectural shapes, parks, and public works. Fine international dining and shopping abound and restaurants like Gakku and Jetty Khazina offer delectable food in traditional settings. The architectural wonders of Astana are home to marvelous exhibits of Kazakh culture in the National Museum, and new productions based on Kazakh history in the fabulously opulent opera house.

When Astanites take a vacation, they head to Almaty, a city comfortable in its history and culture. This is where you can browse a real “down home” market, filled with local food and wares, and savor a glass of wine or good coffee at a local café. See the “Golden Man” one of the symbols of Kazakhstan in the Central State Museum in Almaty or catch an art exhibit in a converted train station. Nestled at the foot of the Altai mountain range, Almaty rewards visitors with a breathtaking location and year round alpine activities including fine winter sports.

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