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Reasons to Add Turkmenistan to Your Travel Wish-List


It's all about the horses here! The legendary Akhal-Teke horses are famous all over the world, an ancient breed descended from nomadic steeds, second to none as racehorses. Their golden sheen earned them the moniker "golden horses" from Greek historian Herodotus.

It's on fire! The "fiery fortresses" of the Yangi-Kala canyon get their name from the red color which blazes to light in the desert sun. The "Door to Hell" is a huge pit of burning methane gas that's been alight for 40 years in the middle of the desert.

Count the dinosaurs. There are over 150 dinosaur tracks in Turkmenistan's far eastern "Dinosaur Plateau" in the Koytendag Mountains, a paleontology paradise!

Check off three more sites on your UNESCO World Heritage List: Ancient civilizations and lost cities:

The ruins of the Parthian fortress of "Old Nisa" was the residence of the Arshakids dynasty and the capital of the Parthian kingdom for 600 years from the 3rd c.BC.

The ancient capital of North Khorezm, part of the Achaemenid Empire, the city of Kunya-Urgench lies on the banks of the Amu Darya River, and holds a treasure trove of medieval Islamic monuments.

The Merv oasis in the Karakum desert, lies in one of the first irrigated and cultivated regions of Central Asia, leading to the creation of one of the largest cities of the ancient world.

Visit a world record holding city. The white marble-clad city of Ashgabat, capital of Turkmenistan, was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1948. Ashgabat now holds the record for the largest density of white marble buildings.

Learn the language of Turkmen carpets. Some of the most sought-after luxury items in the world, there's a National Carpet Museum in Ashgabat and the ceiling of the International airport terminal is decorated in carpet motif. (The terminal itself is modelled on a Turkmen falcon and the bow of legendary warrior Oghuz Khagan) 

Immerse yourself in a melon paradise! Melons in Turkmenistan are considered part of the national heritage and the annual festival is a public holiday! Turkmenistan currently cultivates more than 430 locally selected varieties of melon.

Traditional dining. Shaped by nomadic traditions and its location on the Silk Road, Turkmenistan's hospitality includes fabulous authentic dishes, dazzling national costumes, and entertainment by bakhshi - traditional folk singers. Visit this link for extraordinary travel to Turkmenistan

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