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Our clients asked, we have delivered with new destinations! Explore Japan and Morocco.

Our clients asked, we have delivered with new destinations! Explore Japan and Morocco.

According to the lunar calendar, it's the year of the fire monkey which means innovation, curiosity, and fresh starts.

It’s the perfect time to set your sights to the east and visit the land of the rising sun. Japan is our newest destination and we are pleased to announce itineraries created by local experts and designed just for Silk Road Treasure Tours.

As a president and founder of Silk Road Treasure Tours I have been looking forward to this launch. "Japan has been steadily improving its English language tourism infrastructure ahead of this year's FIFA World Cup and the 2020 Olympics. Even the yen seems to be cooperating against the dollar, making it an even more inviting destination."

Still one of the world's most fascinating destinations, Silk Road Treasure Tours will take you on an exploration of fascinating Japan, from the ancient to the modern, of its spectacular scenery, centuries of history and tradition, and a tradition of "omonetashi" the commitment to service and detail unmatched anywhere.

An incredible combination of the modern and traditional, Japan is everything you’ve heard it is, and more. Whether your interests lie in Kabuki or Cosplay, Ikebana or Anime, temples or trains, nightlife or nature, you’ll find something astonishing around every corner, any time of the year.

Learn more about our Japan tour.  

The lure of 1001 Nights, warm, jasmine-scented breezes and a centuries-old culture is at the crossroads of history in North Africa, Morocco is our second new destination for 2016.

A former colony of France, Portugal, and Spain, Morocco is a jewel set amidst landscapes of canyons, sparse mountains, and deserts that stretch to the sea.  Film directors have long recognized this country for its spectacular locations. Lawrence of Arabia, The Bourne Ultimatum, and Alexander were all filmed here.

With its exotic cuisine Morocco is a culinary destination.  It's a mix of Arab, Berber, Moorish, French, Iberian, and Jewish influences, definitely a foodie delight!".

With social, political and economic reforms, Morocco is one of the outstanding tourist destinations in the region. While Arabic is the state language, you can get by easily with any Spanish or French you may have. Whether your tastes run to medieval souks and bustling plazas, delightful cafes, beachfront resorts, or Berber villages in the legendary Atlas Mountains, Silk Road Treasure Tours has an itinerary filled with experiences for everyone's tastes.

Learn more about Morocco tour

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