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International Dance Festival Tour in Uzbekistan


Spring in Uzbekistan is alive with flowers… and festivals! Foreign and local visitors gather to experience the unique traditions, fascinating culture and authentic cuisine of the country in lavish celebrations. This year's International Lazgi Dance Festival will be held in the legendary city of Khiva from April 25 - 30th. Lazgi is a dance from the Khorezm region, and a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Khiva lies in the historical Khorezm region. It's a fairy tale city of ancient treasures, famous as an open-air museum of architecture and history and the last stop for caravans crossing the desert to Persia on the ancient Silk Road. The Khorezm region is known for warm hospitality, an amazing variety of summer melons and its incredibly delicious local dill noodles! There are thousand year old restored structures like the green-tiled Ichan Qala and Islam Khodja Minaret and the peaceful Juma mosque with its hundreds of carved pillars. Khorezm was known as the land of a thousand fortresses, with caravanserai and strongholds strung along the desert to welcome travelers and ward off enemies. Go on your own modern day caravan with a jaunt on a camel safari ride and a stay in a nomadic yurt under a desert night sky dazzling with stars!

Both the Lazgi Dance Festival and the Raks Sekhri Festival (Magic of Dance) are held in Khiva this year. The Raks Sekhri will take place August 14-16, 2022 with foreign dance groups participating alongside ensembles from regions all over Uzbekistan.

Celebrate the swirl of color, the flash of silk and the joyful energy of the music at concerts, performances and art exhibits! Bring your dancing shoes and join local performers and visitors to learn some of the secrets of Khorezm dance and experience the beauty and joy of this fabulous art. Connect with locals and be their special guest and share pilaf, uzbek solemn dishes with them! Visit all the legendary Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shakhrisabz and experience Navruz, Pilaf, Flower and Melon and Gold Embroidery Festivals! UNESCO Sites are breathtakingly beautiful and karavan serays and bustling bazaars are open to welcome you! With us the world is more interesting! Explore more about Uzbekistan cultural tour Uzbekistan Cultural Discovery Tour 11 Days From $3,479 (

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