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Don't give up your Central Asia and Caucasus travel dreams


There are many things in life making us uneasy and creating uncertainty right now, and yet we're heartened by the positive stories of people rising to this challenge with compassion, support and care for one another. I want you to know that the Silk Road Treasure Tours Team is here for you, by staying in touch and keeping you updated.

We know many of you are missing your travels to destinations around the world. Please don't give up on your travel dreams and wanderlust! We will travel again soon.

For the last several weeks I have been speaking with many of our intrepid travelers and interested clients, answering their questions about future visits to our Silk Road destinations in Central Asia and the Caucasus. During these trying times it’s been truly encouraging to see the increase in bookings to Central Asia for 2021! Our industry is strong, with dedicated professionals who provide the best next-level travel experiences for their clients.

During our conversations, travelers repeatedly tell me that they can’t wait to tour again and ask when it will be safe again to fulfill their travel dreams. They’re interested,  excited, and keen to prepare for their trips. Time has slowed down a bit, offering us an opportunity to read books and watch movies and videos about new destinations. 

We’ve prepared our own #Silkroadtours videos for you to enjoy in preparation for your future travels. Learn more about the cultures, traditions, cuisine, festivals and recommended highlights of our Silk Road destinations.

When we can travel again, Central Asia and the Caucasus countries will be waiting to welcome you with their legendary hospitality. 

We can’t wait to see you again, meanwhile we’re here to talk, don’t hesitate to call or email.. Enjoy the videos and stay safe!

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Updates from Central Asia and the Caucasus

Silk Road countries have all taken steps towards protecting their citizens and limiting travel within and between nations, and celebrating success where possible. Smaller populations and geographical distances help reduce the spread in these areas, and major cities are taking appropriate measures. Governments are allocating tax incentives and rehabilitation packages, much like elsewhere. Armenia and Georgia shut down schools early, followed by Armenia and all the Caucasus countries gradually increased restrictions.  Uzbekistan has urged transparency and access to information. A state-run Telegram account exclusively publishes coronavirus updates and the government provides internet and cell service free to those who don’t have access. Kazakhstan is home to the US-backed Emergency Operations Center which received training from the US Centers for Disease Control. They also provide humanitarian resources to neighbouring regions.    

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The Ceremony of Uzbekistan Sallabandon
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