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Central Asia Travel Dreams Come True


Dear Travelers,

In case you didn't know April and May are the best months to travel in Central Asia and Caucasus. Our latest travelers knew, and fresh from their trip they have terrific memories and experiences.

Their travel started with a colorful celebration of Navruz, celebrated throughout Central Asia and Azerbaijan, One of our groups enjoyed the Holy Week of Easter in Armenia, while others joined a Passover celebration in Bukhara, famous for its Jewish Heritage.

We always ask for feedback on our trips, its our best advertising! Everyone stressed that the highlight of their trip was meeting so many interesting people, visiting local families and enjoying the incredible hospitality.Says Pamela Trucks: "It's so easy to be kind when amongst kind and warn people such as those surrounding us in your home country!"
Another traveler Ms. Julie Grimes, fulfilled her decades-long dream of riding a Bactrian camel! During her spring trip to ancient Bukhara we made sure she got the chance. She was thrilled to ride a camel in front of the thousand year-old Ark Citadel Fortress - a great experience living history.
To add to her excitement a local craftswoman designed and made a fabulous dress from beautiful Ikat fabric for her. Look at Julie in her new dress! Isn't it great? Can you believe it was made for her in 4 hours? 

Recent travelers Lois and Gunter Hofmann invited me to their home when I was on business in San Diego. They had just after they returned from their Uzbekistan cultural and adventure trip. I gladly accepted their invitation and enjoyed sharing their pictures, memories, souvenirs and gifts from all their world travels. They have been to 62 countries! I was so pleased to hear that Lois wants to tell the world about their amazing trip to Uzbekistan, the country she and Gunter found to be safe, beautiful and so undiscovered. Their video is on our facebook page and read more about their trip in Lois Hofmann's Blog. Lois Hofmann is one of the most incredible travel bloggers and author of travel books.

I also would like to thank my dear travelers Sandra and Jim Short for sharing with me their thoughts after retuning from one of my tours: "Our trip to Uzbekistan was wonderful! Jim and I enjoyed every minute - well, maybe not the bumpy road from Khiva to Bukhara - but truly, we had a fabulous time. So many wonders to see, such friendly people. We are very happy to have made this trip with Silk Road Treasure Tours."

The season continues, I am just starting another Central Asia and Russian trip with several travel groups who are exploring the annual Silk and Spice festival. As soon as I get back I will share stories, photographs, and travelers' experiences with you.

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