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Caucasus Luxury Travel

Caucasus Luxury Travel

I just got back from a scouting trip to keep up to date with all the kinds of great experiences I can provide for my Caucasus Luxury travel clients, and now that the countries of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia are no longer under Soviet control, I can tell you they are destinations of discovery and delight. Their capitol cities of Baku, Yerevan and Tbilisi offer the fascination of the Old and the excitement of the New. Each is distinctively different, have enriching cultural attractions, and all offer world class luxury travel conditions.

Tbilisi-georgia-narikala-cr-zulya-rajabovaTbilisi Georgia NarikalaFrom the Fairmont Hotel overlooking the Caspian Sea harbor, to the Rooms Hotel in Georgia where you can see sunrise over the highest peaks of the Caucasus mountains, the five star hotels offer impeccable service, local and international cuisine, cutting edge décor and spas where entire families can feel pampered and refreshed.

Looking for exotic, palette-enticing food? Look no further than the fabulous Xan Plov, or the Khan's Pilaf, a saffron infused concoction served up in a crunchy filo shell, and a specialty in Azerbaijan. If you thought soupy dumplings were only the province of Shanghai, think again. They are a specialty of Georgia, too, along with a delectable range of pomegranate and walnut sauced dishes. Every meal in Armenia is replete with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and home made yogurt—how healthy is that? And since none of these countries has factory farming, you can be sure that everything is organic and free range!

Tbilisi 2TbilisiNo luxury travel tour would neglect the joys of fine drink. Although Azerbaijan is 85% Muslim, they have a long history of viniculture, and just across the border in Georgia is the oldest known heritage of wine making, going back well over 8,000 years. In fact most of the grapes from this region are the forefathers of the most valued grape varietals of Europe. These wines are rapidly gaining the recognition from the most discriminating oenophiles. Just across the border, the Armenians have been making award winning brandies for years.

DSC05933I have extended my network of hand picked and caring local guides to give you a Caucasus luxury travel experience unlike any other. They will take you to taste wine at the Kakheti vineyards, connect you with curators at the Carpet Museum in Yerevan, archaeologists in Qobustan in Baku, transport you to spas and hammams in Tbilisi so that you can relax, and they will be the friend who takes care of you should you need for anything. And whether you travel by bus or limousine your privacy and comfort is assured.

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