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Catch up with Zulya just back from Central Asia


I've just come back from Central Asia, one of the most fascinating destinations on earth! Every visit reminds me why this region is one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

Silk Road Treasure Tours has been providing Central Asia tours since the 1990's. Back then these newly independent countries had no well-developed tourism infrastructure. Things have changed and today our travelers enjoy traditional Silk Road Travel adventures with luxury accommodations and high speed train connections. There are many great local restaurants which offer not only fabulous traditional Uzbek and regional cuisine but also terrific international cuisine as well. 

I frequently travel to Central Asia to meet with my Silk Road Treasure Tours team on the ground there and train new members. They do such an incredible job for our travelers and I am thrilled to present the recognition and excellence awards.  This trip I also wanted to spend time with several of my tour groups because April and May is the most popular travel season in Central Asia. The weather is wonderful and its also the season for fascinating cultural events, festivals, and local weddings!

From the moment our customers sign up until departure at the gate, we make sure that every detail has been covered. During the planning stage top concerns usually deal with details such as:

  • visa procedures at border crossing
  • meal choices and food standards
  • personal safety and security
  • transport and distances between activities

It is our team's experience and planning that makes our trips so special. We have many conference calls with our travelers to ensure that their needs and concerns are understood and addressed. Our long-standing relationship with the Uzbekistan Consulate ensures a smooth visa procedure for our travelers. The Tajikistan and Turkmenistan visas are ready at the borders because of our advance preparations. Currently Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan do not require visas. I stay on top of all the latest diplomatic and government news from the region.  

While I was there, I joined my guides Dilfuza, Mashura, Azizjon Jamal and Yvgeniya as they escorted our travelers through Central Asia in Tashkent, Samarkand, Khodjand, Mary, Osh, and Almaty. Spectacular ancient sites, small villages and authentic Silk Road cities offer exciting experiences exploring bustling bazaars and UNESCO locations, attending the Silk and Spice festival, several flower festivals, craft exhibits, and museums . In Bukhara, some travelers were able to participate in cooking plov rice and manty dumplings in my parents’ home. I was thrilled to invite some of my clients to the traditional wedding of my niece, an unforgettable fascinating cultural connection for all of us.

I crossed the borders with travelers to belay some concerns about procedures and safety. The visa officers at the border crossings to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan were very professional and welcoming as they checked our passports and documents. The crossings are always time consuming, owing to the thoroughness of the border guards and it may take from 45 minutes to an hour or more to complete. Its all part of the experience here in Central Asia and everyone was very pleased that the procedure went smoothly and understood the necessity to keep our visits safe and enjoyable. 

Travel writer Catherine Noyes and her husband Christian Howes traveled with us around Uzbekistan and explored some unique places first-hand. They enjoyed everything from wine tasting in Samarkand to a spectacular day trip in the Tiyanshan Mountains outside of Tashkent. Our experienced guides know the best times to visit the right places for fabulous experiences in Central Asia! Look for Cathy's posts on our facebook page and stay tuned for her articles appearing on our web site.

For me, seeing all our advance planning and preparation working so well for our travelers along the way was incredibly valuable and reassuring. I learned more about their travel experiences and was able to share my own local knowledge and connections, adding a unique element to their trip. Being able to spend time with them reassures me that they are experiencing the best of our homeland. Its an honor to plan our clients' precious travel time. These travelers are now my friends and some are planning to visit our other Silk Road destinations like Caucasus, China with their friends and family.

Let me know where I can take you next!

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