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Brief Travel Tips for the Silk Road from Zulya


Welcome! As an ardent traveler myself I’ve made it my job to help clients plan their trips and travel around the world with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment. As a native of Uzbekistan and the premier travel operator for Central Asia and the Caucasus Tour for 25 years I have some tips and a handy check list for you. Let’s assume that you have already chosen your dream destination and have contacted us as your trusted travel experts.

Let’s start planning your trip!

What you should know before the trip.

  • Start early. Do you need a visa to visit these countries? Allow sufficient time for processing visas. We can help complete the applications for a fixed fee. The visa fee itself, however, must be paid to the issuing government department.
  • Check your passport expiration date. Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your departure from home.
  • Visas take up a lot of space. You should have 4 full, blank visa pages for each visa needed.
  • When booking International flights make sure to review your proposed schedule with us before finalizing any air ticket purchase.
  • Travel insurance is recommended. Review your current health insurance policy with respect to application overseas. Bring your insurance card.
  • Please advise us if you have any allergies or particular medical conditions which require special attention during the trip. Bring all prescription medications needed, in original packaging.
  • If you require a special diet, please advise us at the time of your trip application so that we can discuss this. Special diets will be accommodated in Central Asia and Caucasus and we recommend you to notify us before your travel. Meat and bread are the staples here, however lots of vegetable options will be available upon request.
  • Check that you have the right sized luggage for any weight restrictions.
  • For an ATM you need a 4-digit PIN to access your account. If you plan to use your credit cards, make sure to inform your credit card company in advance where you will be traveling.

Review our Travel Tips for each region or country. We cover everything from what to wear, pack and eat, to when to go, currency, electricity, health and safety and more.

While traveling to Central Asia and Caucasus:

  • Some of our Silk Road destinations require customs declaration forms completed upon arrival. Complete them and keep any copies of the declaration until you leave the country.
  • Traveler’s checks and credit/debit cards are not widely accepted. Change some local currency on at the airport. Always carry your passport, credit cards and cash with you. A neck pouch or money belt may be appropriate.
  • Before checking out from all hotels on the tour, please ensure that you have your passport and the hotel receipt of stay. Check with the front desk for any personal charges that were made to your room.
  • Central Asians are modest and extremely hospitable. Be respectful of the local culture and traditions and enjoy the welcome! It’s normal to remove your shoes when entering someone’s house, sitting down in a chaikhana, and in some religious sites. Every meal begins and ends with tea, and a table will be set with snacks. Elders should be greeted and included when thanking a family for their hospitality. Bread should never be laid upside down and never be put on the ground, even in a bag.
  • Border crossing procedures can sometimes be lengthy, but our guides and drivers do their best to ensure a smooth transfer to the next country’s team.
  • Please ask permission before taking photos of local people. If there are signs saying no photos, please do NOT take photos!

After your Silk Road Trip:

Tell us about your fabulous experience. Your feedback is highly appreciated. We’re always looking for ways to improve our  services.  We would love to have your memorable photos from the Silk Road destinations to share with our travel community!

Check List:

  • Passport: valid for at least 6 months after date of exit, visas inserted
  • One other photo ID (such as a driver’s license)
  • Photocopies of your passport and ID
  • Air ticket
  • Expense money (US Dollars in new, smaller bills. No $100 bills)
  • Proof of traveler’s insurance
  • Prescription medication, if required. In carry-on luggage, original containers
  • Hat, sunglasses, sun block
  • Extra packable duffel if you’re an avid shopper!
  • Luggage tags inside and out (check that the information is current)
  • Spare contact lenses, glasses
  • Converter/adaptor
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