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101 Varieties of Uzbekistan Ikat


Culturally recognizable treasures, Ikat patterned fabrics are one of the most practiced techniques in weaving around the world. Dye-resist ikats explode with gorgeous colors, brilliant designs and sought after textiles.  

Central Asian ikats give ample scope for artistic self-expression with dynamic lines, fabulous motifs and kaleidoscopes of color in cotton and silk. Traditional Uzbekistan motifs include abstract florals and animal representations like the pomegranate, almond, and camel tail. There are scorpions and snakes, trees and branches along with inanimate objects like everyday combs and bowls, magic amulets and fertility symbols. During your visits to Uzbekistan you can visit the silk ikat workshops and watch the design and production.

Silkworms were brought to Central Asia along the ancient trading routes. Their gossamer threads were spun into fascinating fabrics under the weaver’s skilled hand and woven into the human passion for luxury items, playing a significant role in the destinies of Europe and Asia entwined with the Great Silk Road. Medieval travelers to cities like Bukhara, Samarkand and Margilan wrote of rich robes embellished with mirage-like patterns that spoke of the wearer’s status and wealth . “Abrabandi” became the common name for the unique ikat of Uzbekistan, literally “cloud tying” whereby the warp yarns (vertical threads) are bound and dyed by hand before being woven with the weft yarns (horizontal threads). 

An integral part of the Uzbek culture, during the 20th century, traditional arts were dismissed in favor of machine made products. After Independence in 1991, Uzbekistan emerged as a leader in quality craftsmanship. Ikat has resumed its status in the market luring new enthusiasts with its patterns and colors, both traditional and avant-garde, adorning the spice sellers and shoppers at the bazaar and couturier runways in Europe. Master weavers and designers give new life to the old technologies. with the freedom of improvisation, and vibrating tones; like a traditional maqom; its alternating notes creating an exuberant, offbeat rhythm. Our Award winning experienced guides will take you to the workshops where you will see the process of making silk threads, fabrics, the varieties of silk products. Even we will take you to Uzbekistan's remotest villages where you will enjoy watching the process of silk worm breeding. Uzbekistan is a shopper's paradise and many travelers want to find the best pieces of Ikat products to bring to their friends and family! Visit our shopping tour itinerary for detail information! We can't wait seeing you in Uzbekistan!

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