The Magic of the Uzbekistan Silk Road: A Fashion and Travel Extravaganza in New York City


On June 26th, the Waterside Plaza Theater in New York City was transformed into a vibrant celebration of Uzbek culture and fashion for the annual Summer Silk Road Fashion Trunk Show. As the founder of Silk Road Treasure Tours and ZURA IKAT Fashion, I had the immense pleasure of organizing this event, which beautifully showcased the rich traditions ...

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Discover the Essence of Georgian Wine and Culture: A Journey through Tradition in Caucasus


Dear Wine Lovers, Happy National Wine Day! Welcome to a captivating journey through the Republic of Georgia, where ancient winemaking traditions and vibrant culture blend harmoniously. With an 8,000-year-old history of winemaking, Georgia stands as one of the world's oldest wine regions. As a Conde Nast top travel specialist for Georgia, it is my p...

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A Jewish Journey to Uzbekistan

Lonnie-and-Zulya-for-blog Lonnie and Zulya

As a Jewish individual living in the vibrant, multicultural city of New York City, I never imagined the profound connection and warmth I would experience in a predominantly Muslim country like Uzbekistan. My wife, Zulya, and I first met in 2004 in New York, and our shared love for world exploration and heritage led us to embark on numerous journeys...

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