Our Logo, Philosophy and Poem

logo Our logo incorporates a number of traditional symbols and colors within a stylized flower pattern. Our one world is the small green flower. Within that flower is the ancient symbol of the flame, representing the light within us all on a white background of peace. The pomegranate design in gold is a traditional symbol of abundance found on everything from embroidery and carpets to historical monuments in Central Asia. Hospitality abounds in our Silk Road countries! The gold color is for the warmth of the people and the bold blue is the beauty of open skies and open arms. At the bottom of our logo is our heart. At Silk Road Treasure Tours everything we do comes from the heart.

The philosophy behind Silk Road Treasure Tours is quite simply to offer the best journeys possible for our clients. We are committed to providing you with a travel experience that is authentic, exciting, enriching, safe and enjoyable.

Our clients have a passion for discovery and we have the knowledge and experience of the most fascinating, legendary Silk Road destinations. We ensure that our inclusive, upfront pricing is the best value in travel to Central Asia and other Silk Road destinations, and that value goes beyond the price - quality is a critical component of value. We remain committed to providing the highest quality for your money.

Exceeding travelers' expectations has become a cornerstone of Silk Road Treasure Tours since its foundation. Throughout the lands we visit, our staff of talented, multi-lingual professionals includes travel specialists, expert guides and drivers with a commitment to the unique qualities that make travel to these remarkable destinations so rewarding. Your trip will be carefully planned and your itinerary will run seamlessly. Our specialists offer a wealth of local knowledge and will introduce you to the heart and soul of their homelands creating an unforgettable experience you'll treasure long after you return home.

We are here to share our peaceful blue skies and warm hospitality with you. Come and experience the treasures of the Silk Road with us!

Welcome to the Great Silk Road

Welcome to the Great Silk Road
Connecting people of East and West
A history of challenges and hardships
Patiently borne by its people

This road is a symbol of friendship and peace
This road is the fruit of culture and trade
Let's open the pages of history together
With the love and faith of this land in our hearts

(Translated and edited by Zulya Rajabova)

There is an interesting story behind the inspiration for this beautiful poem, "Welcome to the Great Silk Road". The poet is Zoolfiya Rajabova, and she is actually a seamstress who writes poetry as a hobby. Ah, but the beginnings of her talent as a poet can be traced to her childhood.

Before Zoolfiya Rajabova was born, her mother enjoyed reading the splendid poetry of the famous Uzbek poetess who was also named Zoolfiya. This poetess wrote about the beauty of life and springtime. She also wrote about the roles of women as mothers, as teachers, and as individuals.

As a tribute to Zoolfiya the poetess, Zoolfiya Rajabova's mother gave her daughter the poet's first name. This tribute inspired the young Zoolfiya to write poetry at an early age. Needless to say, whether she was at school or at home, this young lady always seemed to win every poetry contest she entered.

The young Zoolfiya also had another hobby while she was growing up. She made the most beautiful traditional dresses for all the women and girls in her family. She used the same creative spirit and eye for beauty to sew her dresses that she also used to create her poetry.

Once she graduated from school, Zoolfiya worked for several years in sales. Her passion for beauty was too great, however, and she returned to her needle and thread. Today, Zoolfiya uses these talents to sew intricately designed costumes, as well as Uzbek mattresses and pillows for brides.

Zoolfiya Rajabova is truly a poet both with words and with a needle and thread.

(Text edited by Joe Pizzo, Centenary College, NJ )