Meet Zulya Rajabova

zulia-rajabovaZulya Rajabova
Founder and President
Zulya Rajabova has the heart and soul of an artist. Her passion is to create fabulous, awe-inspiring memories for each of her clients on their journeys. Zulya founded Silk Road Treasure Tours to invite travelers to discover her special part of the world, Central Asia.

Our History and Mission

zulya-graduationZulya Rajabova with Mrs. Hillary Clinton The treasures of the Silk Road are exotic and mysterious – but planning a tour there shouldn't be! At Silk Road Treasure Tours our promise to you is attention to detail and the offer of the best of everything. Our group tours or exclusive itineraries will satisfy even the most inquisitive traveler! Our expertise and resources are dedicated to meeting your unique needs.

Our Logo, Philosophy and Poem

logo Our logo incorporates a number of traditional symbols and colors within a stylized flower pattern. Our one world is the small green flower. Within that flower is the ancient symbol of the flame, representing the light within us all on a white background of peace. The pomegranate design in gold is a traditional symbol of abundance found on everything from embroidery and carpets to historical monuments in Central Asia. Hospitality abounds in our Silk Road countries! The gold color is for the warmth of the people and the bold blue is the beauty of open skies and open arms. At the bottom of our logo is our heart. At Silk Road Treasure Tours everything we do comes from the heart.