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Behruz was born and raised in Uzbekistan. As a son of prominent Uzbek historians and archaeologists he has traveled throughout Uzbekistan and Central Asia and developed a passion to become an anthropologist and a curator in the world’s top museums. After graduating from   Bukhara State University and Uzbek tourism with a double major in languages and escorting the travelers around Uzbekistan he started working with Silk Road Treasure Tours’ travelers, historians and academics in ancient Samarkand, Tashkent, Bukhara and Khiva, Konya Urgench, Turkistan and Khodjand.  He is one of our top escort guides, tour managers with a great sense of humor. He gives amazing lectures about the ancient Silk Road history and fascinating cultures for the alumni associations of Silk Road Treasure Tours.  Bekhruz currently resides in legendary Bukhara, Uzbekistan with his spouse and children. Bekhruz enjoys traveling, photography, and mentoring young guides. He speaks Uzbek, Russian, Tajik, German and English. Throughout the years Bekhruz has been taking the travelers to the most spectacular places, remote villages where the travelers can really experience true adventures.